Single-zone and multi-zone heat pumps

If your home doesn’t have ventilation ducts, a single-zone or multi-zone system is probably the best solution for you. These are all-in-one heating and air conditioning solutions that significantly improve the comfort of your home while being cost-effective. The ideal solution for a house, cottage, apartment or condo.

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The benefits of single-zone and multi-zone heat pumps

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High energy efficiency
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Save on heating and cooling costs
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Runs quietly
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Simple installation requiring no major work
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Cools and dehumidifies in summer
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Delivers cozy, comfortable and constant warmth in winter

The different types of heat pumps

Since everyone has different aesthetic, budgetary and architectural considerations, there are several choices available.

Wall-mounted heat pumps

Wall-mounted heat pumps are usually close to the ceiling or in a stairwell. The location is chosen to ensure optimal circulation of warm or cold air in your home. Wall-mounted heat pumps are equipped with adjustable louvers to direct the air in an optimal way. Depending on the size of your home, you may need one or several units, hence the terms single-zone and multi-zone.

Ceiling-mounted cassette heat pumps

These heat pumps are installed on the ceiling and are therefore very discreet. They are installed on the upper floor of the house between the roof beams. Ceiling-mounted heat pumps are the ideal solution for adding comfort to small or enclosed areas such as hallways.

Console heat pumps

Often chosen for their aesthetic appeal or for room configuration reasons, console heat pumps are installed on the wall at floor height. There must be sufficient space around the installed unit to ensure efficient air circulation.

Mini-split system - Slim duct

Unlike other models, built-in heat pumps require narrow ventilation ducts that connect the system to the air circulation grills. Up to three ducts can be connected to each built-in unit.

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Professional installation of your single-zone or multi-zone heat pump

Consult our experts before selecting a system. They will accurately assess your needs and recommend the best solution for you. Moreover, all Thermoco heat pumps are installed by certified air conditioning technicians. You can rest assured that your equipment will work as it should and that the applicable warranties will be effective in the event of a breakdown.

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